Sample Meeting Agenda

8:30am Meeting Starts Remarks from Facilitator and President
– Purpose of group
– Business Growth Topic
8:32am 30 sec. Member Introductions, including ideal client and Connectors
8:42am New members welcome
8:45am Pass/announce referrals, announce 1-on-1 meetings, guests pass business cards
8:50am Status review of last week’s personal accountability issues
9:00am Discussion/Questions regarding previous week’s homework assignment
9:15am Business Growth Training, discussion and homework assignment
9:35am Laser Mastermind #1
9:50am Laser Mastermind #2
10:05am Member write and hand-in personal accountability issues for upcoming week
10:18am Arrange 1-on-1 meetings with other members
Closing comments… reminders
10:20-10:25am Adjourn