New Sales Tool Helps You Sell More By Assuming LESS

Let me get right to the point of this post.  The Golden Rule is wrong. It’s narcissistic.  There, I said it.  We have been taught this rule ever since we were old enough to walk.  Treat people the way you would wish to be treated.

However, the Golden Rule is fundamentally flawed.  Treating people the way YOU wish to be treated assumes the way THEY wish to be treated is the same you.  Why would you assume that; especially in a sales situation?  Why would you take such a big risk of being wrong?

I hypothesize that the reason we make this assumption is that we believe we have no other choice.  After all, what would another option be… to treat people the way THEY wish to be treated?  Exactly!  But how would we actually do that?  How would we know with any certainty how the prospect  wishes to be treated or communicated with?

Well, I just found a tool which does just that.  It’s called BankPass.   While it is similar in some ways to the DISC Personality Assessment, there are three main distinctions: 1.)  It focuses on the prospect, not the sales person, 2.)  It focuses on values, not  personality traits, and 3.) It takes between 30 and 90 seconds to complete the assessment; yet it has the same validity of much longer assessments.


Anthony Robbins said, “Let the Prospect determine your presentation.  B.A.N.K. lets you do just that.  Knowing your prospects’ values allows you to customize your presentation, emails, etc. to your prospects’ value system. The BANK Sales Training System is a revolutionary training program designed to increase your sales up to 300%, by enabling you to be as effective in communicating with the other 3 personality/value types as your own.

If you want to learn more, you can do two things:

1.  Take the assessment by playing the BANK game:  It’s FREE to my followers.

2.  Watch a webinar that explains the complete program and how you can skyrocket your sales:

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