Goals and Benefits


  • To take your business or career to the next level… to SIGNIFICANTLY GROW your business (top-line and bottom-line), or help you achieve improved performance
  • To create a business/career that provides you with your DESIRED LIFESTYLE
  • To build a strong, effective warm REFERRAL Network
  • To highlight your blind-spots and provide you with greater CLARITY
  • To help you FOCUS on the IMPORTANT, and not get too caught-up in the URGENT
  • To offer a place where you can work ON your business, not merely IN it
  • To develop your business/career into one that:
  • Provides enough revenue for you to comfortably take a month long vacation
  • Can run without you
  • Can be sold or retire from


  • Develop a strong REFFERAL PARTNERS’ NETWORK (within the group AND outside)
  • Learn and collaborate on key GROWTH STRATEGIES and TACTICS
  • Create processes and systems that allow the business to RUN WITHOUT YOU
  • Gain VALUABLE INSIGHTS into, and potential solutions for, the main obstacles holding you and your business back
  • Have a SAFE place to share your fears and “don’t knows”, and get support and recommendations
  • Disrupt your own INERTIA and assumptions
  • Access to top speakers and service providers that will challenge you to THINK DIFFERENTLY
  • Being held ACCOUNTABLE by your peers and facilitators


  • It is mandatory that you meet with at least one other member between groups
  • It is mandatory that you bring at least one referral (for a prospect or strategic alliance partner) or a guest to each meeting
  • It is mandatory that you complete “homework” assignments and participate in discussions and mastermind sessions


  • Discount to DISC Personality Profiling Workshop and other workshops
  • Free assessment of Marketing Materials
  • Discount to 2 hour group 90 day planning session each quarter